TrueNorth Treatment Center vows to meet you where you’re at along your journey. Our functional and transformative substance abuse and mental health treatment is offered in a safe and supportive environment. Our tailored treatment reaches individuals seeking healing from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Our comprehensive and empowering client-centered care provides a framework within which individuals can assimilate skills and resources that make long-term recovery possible. At TrueNorth Treatment Center, we believe in recovery - for life. We listen to you. We partner with you. We create a customized treatment plan that combines clinical and holistic therapies. We treat the whole person, rather than a singular aspect.

Located in Owensboro, Kentucky, we gladly serve the western Kentucky region and beyond. We accept referrals as well as self-initiated care. Our facility accepts Kentucky Medicaid and many private insurance payors.

When facing mental health and substance abuse issues, you can feel trapped by addiction and the rollercoaster that accompanies it. Recovering from alcohol or drug dependence is a complex journey. We believe it is important to address all aspects of the person, including mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.


Overcoming mental health and substance use issues are a massive challenge for those seeking the skills to cope with the pressures of balancing recovery with day-to-day living.  TrueNorth Treatment Center creates a space for new perspectives and values that motivate individuals to embrace and enjoy life, connection, and the pursuit of lifelong sobriety, all while navigating life on life’s terms.

"TrueNorth Treatment Center has been a true life saver for me. I believe that TrueNorth is different from other treatment centers because they explain different aspects of the disease of addiction. This includes family dynamics, mental health disorders, and they also give us different coping skills to help deal with life and situations that may arise. I am forever grateful for this place and would highly recommend to anyone struggling with addiction, mental health, or both!"

- Stephanie

"True North Treatment Center has been an absolute blessing to me it has given me the courage, strength, will and desire to move forward in life and make the absolute changes I have been needing for so long. I am so grateful for the tools and a learning experience that True North has given me. Not to mention the staff has been nothing short of amazing and supportive during my journey on sobriety."

- Brian

"A satisfied and positive experience. Since day one everyone at True North has welcomed me with open arms and made efforts to get to know me better. They have introduced new tools in my recovery and helped me heal wounds from my past experiences. I can honestly say they have helped give me my life back and instilled me with a since of accountability where I'm excited for what my future may bring."

- Cameron

"True North Treatment Center has been a blessing. I have learned so much about myself and so much about the disease of addiction. The group therapy with other individuals has been very beneficial because i get to hear the point of view from others and their resources of help. The team at True North really does care about their patients and help build you up not break you down."

- Tyson

"TrueNorth Treatment is literally an 'all-in-one' facility with employees that treat you with respect. From in-house treatment, out patient treatment, substance abuse to mental health.  If you are simply willing to participate and follow through, you can not go wrong. My life has truly been changed for the better and I don't feel like I would be where I am today if I had went anywhere else."

- Alisabeth